Improve the communication at work - make your employees your best ambassadors

Focus on employee communication

Internal communication at work is just as important as external communication. The better your employees are informed on work related issues and can contribute with information themselves, the more they feel they are a central part of the workplace. This can make a huge difference when it comes to motivation and commitment, and there is no doubt that happy and satisfied employees are the best ambassadors a workplace can have!

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App as a channel for intern communication

To be able to reach all employees – central and decentralized – you can use an employee app. Most people today own a smartphone and your employees can receive and provide information wherever and whenever it suits them. The key advantage is that you can use a phone's camera and calendar directly in the app. Information can then easily be uploaded with text and pictures, while dates of meetings and conferences can be shown in the phone's calendar. You can send out push-notifications to notify the employees with announcements, and even personalize such notifications so certain groups of employees are notified with specific information.

Why has Aarhus municipality developed an employee app?

Project leader Charlotte Houman, department of Youth:
”We have developed our employee app BUnyt because we wanted our employees to have easy access to news from school, institutions and management. A large part of our employees do not have easy access to a computer at work. Since most people own a smartphone today, it is only natural for us to offer news on this platform. This way, the employees can read news whenever and wherever they want on a busy workday. Furthermore, the app makes it possible for employees to share good news and stories from their workplace. Our employee app has been well received – many have let us know that they have never felt as close to the whole organisation as now”.

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