ConferenceCommunicator includes:

Flexible online registration:

Attendee registration before the event and upon arrival with the information you need.

Digital QR scanning:

Arrival registration of the attendees by scanning QR code or by ”manual” searching.

Nametag with QR code:

Nametag with relevant information including QR code for arrival registration and exhibitor lead-generation.

Flexible program:

Introduction of the digital program by days, plenum and workshops. Can be saved in mobile calendar.

Personal program:

Attendees can create ”personal program” for quick overview of relevant program points.

Broadcast of information:

Continous broadcasting of news, practical information and changes to the program.

Evaluation of the event:

Online evaluation of the event with graphical display of responses.


Presentations and other documents can be available through the app or mobilsite.

List of attendees:

List of attendees with upload of profile photo.

Sponsor showcase:

Showcase af sponsors by text and photo or logo.

Push notifications:

Sending push notifications (e.g. targeted different attendees) to inform of news.

Bulk email:

Sending bulk email messages (e.g. targeted different types such as event attendees and exhibitors).

Online questions:

Online questions during speaks with display of questions on big screen.

Online poll:

Online polls during speaks with graphical display on big screen.

Online quiz:

Online quiz during the event with display of the best performers.

In-app chat:

Attendees can connect with each other before, during and after the conference to enlarge their network.

Seating reservation:

Digital table-reservation system to place attendees.

Lead-generating system:

Digital lead generating system for the exhibitor.

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